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Blujazz Label, Booking, & Promotions debut newsletter/blog

Blujazz Label, Promotions, Booking, introducing it's new Newsletter system. Whats been happening this year 2019. In Jan 2019 Blujazz started promoting to radio and press plus added to the booking roster several new genres besides Jazz. This means that we just did not have time to get a newsletter out timely. This blog base newsletter will help remedy that situation. We have had successful campaigns in Blues/Roots, World, Pop/Cabaret, Contemporary, and Progressive. Check out our new Reviews Page! Go to our Contact Page and sign up for our Newsletters or to contact us!

We continue to promote under our Blujazz brand and also for other labels. We are based in Chicago but we have many artists across the US and Globally. It has been a fun exciting time. Please check out our release/promotions page. Also within all the genres we expanded our booking roster. While we keep the roster small as this is the most time extensive area that we work in it is also one of the most rewarding areas to work in. We know that many artists pay well promoters who get them on charts and articles/reviews in the trades but are still sitting at home or are playing bars, supper clubs, and corporate gigs. Hopefully we can continue to change that paradigm. This also means that we have to keep the roster small but we do take on short term regional booking projects for a reasonable fee.

Blujazz has also started offering other services including Email Blasts to our 20,000 plus international Database (can be sub-divided), Playlisting Promotion and Consulting, General Consulting, Promotion and Booking Data Resources for those DYI'ers, Manufacturing Discounts through DiscMakers. Lets start a discussion.

One of the most exciting areas of services that we offer are Social Media Posting thru our Hootsuite account to as many streams that are requested. This means we can do a post to Facebook, Linkedin, Instatgram, and others all in one blast with reporting on views, opens, comments, likes, etc. Can take your info and develop the post with text, jpgs, and video.

Please take a moment and check out our menu and artists to see all of the latest action!

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