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Boogie Kings  Featuring  Bob  Baldori  and  Arthur  Migliazza 


“Every year, our Piano Showdown concerts have been among the first to sell out. Crowds clamor for the boogie woogie wizardry of icon Bob Seeley, thrilled by his roaring piano duets with Boogie Bob Baldori. The two are masterful entertainers. – Rob Gibson Executive & Artistic Director Savannah Music Festival

“This is truly an amazing show that provides a unique  historical and entertaining overview of the hot, Blues-based music that is at the heart of Rock & Roll and Jazz, but more importantly this is the real stuff –“killer” performances of the classics.  These guys are the 

masters.” Terry Waldo

“Piano-poundin’ tandem jolts Folk Fest with frenetic pace” – Lansing State Journal – Mike Hughes

Explosively memorable. This show is the most satisfying theatre experience everyone should have the opportunity to see. Get your mojo working and fire it up, with Boogie Stomp!" - The Knockturnal

"Boogie Stomp! Transcends being simply a concert and becomes a meaningful and completely engaging exploration of the connection between history, art, pop culture and craftsmanship." - Theatre Is

"This show gets every audience member dancing in their seat. Boogie Stomp! is two hours of non-stop fun." -

"BOOGIE STOMP! is a journey you will be glad you took – educational, inspirational, and just plain fun." -

About the Documentary:

Boogie Rocks” rocks on Big Screen - Chris Reitz - Elderly Instruments The Screening Room


That Bob Baldori is a phenomenal pianist is no secret: He’s been performing sizzling boogie-woogie around the world for decades. But his documentary “Boogie Stomp” demonstrates he’s an accomplished filmmaker as well. - James Sanford - Lansing City Pulse


If you love music and films about music, the one screening not to miss at this year’s Sonoma International Film Festival is Boogie Stomp.- Boogie Stomp to Rock Sonoma International Film Festival

Thomas Gladysz - Huffington Post

Two  Pianos  One  Stage  - 100  Years  of  American  Piano  Music

"Boogie  Stomp!  the  Musical"  tells  the  largely  untold  tale  of  American  piano  music  from  its  origins  at  the  end  of  the  Civil  War  through  to  today.

Essentially  a  music  to  dance  to,  and  encompassing  many  forms, Boogie  Stomp! tells  an  entertaining  story  of  its  origins,  subsequent  history,  and  how  it  has  shaped  today’s  popular  music.  If  you  love  blues,  jazz,  swing,  stride,  rhythm  and  blues,  and/or  rock  and  roll,  then  you’ll  love Boogie  Stomp!  Boogie  Stomp!  is  the  story  of  past  and  present  piano  masters,  and  the  vibrant  music  that  emerges  from  their  lives.This  story  is  presented  as  a  different  kind  of  musical  by  two  of  the  best  performers  of  American  piano  music  in  the  world, Bob  Baldori and Arthur  Migliazza,  who  inform,  entertain,  teach,  preach,  dance,  and  boogie  their  way  through  a  performance  like  no  other. Theater  lovers  and  critics  have  been  unanimous  in  their  fanatical  praise  for  this  wonderful,  theatrical  evening.  Join us for a Rockin’ good time!

Bookings:   773-517-8336   

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