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Blujazz  is a buffet of services for artists .   You can check our site out to see all of the releases, artists, and labels that we have at Blujazz can work with Jazz, Blues/Roots, Pop, Contemporary, or Progressive genres. 

Promotion - Digital and/or Physical Promotion.

  • Digital Radio and Press  Promotion - Jazz, Blues, Americana, Pop, Rock, AC, Progressive Genres

    • Blujazz utilizes the PlayMPE Platform with "digital fingerprinting" covering radio (terrestrial, internet, syndicated),  blogs, trades, magazines, web mags and more internationally. 

    • Blujazz will promote for 2 months with weekly reports to an international audience of radio, press, music professionals, and fans. (3,000 to 4,000 contacts). The proposed overall cost for this effort will depend on the services and lists chosen. Within this cost Blujazz will pay for all expenses in the PlayMPE set up. 

    • Results will be received in real time (streams, downloads, clicks, views).  Blujazz will report weekly and on request.

  •  Physical CD Promotion US only (for Jazz, Blues Genres)

    • Blujazz for many years has done physical CD promotion for Jazz and Blues genres utilizing the Jazz Week US Jazz Chart stations and press and US Living Blues/Roots Stations. Also Blujazz can promote to NACC college and community stations.  CDs needed are 100 with  80 going to radio and 20 going to key print trade still taking CDs i.e. Jazz Times/DownBeat. Blujazz will promote via emails and phone calls for 2 months. 

  • Social Media Promotion – Spotify - Instagram - Tik Tok

    • Blujazz utilizes Facebook’s Business Account Methodology to use Facebook/Instagram Ads with conversion algorithms that utilize targeted demographics and targeted interest groups globally.  This can be used for any product or event or streaming platform. Each ad campaign uses a conversion landing page to send the audience to a trackable event.  The ad budget can be as low as $5 to $10  and up per day for a month reaching 90 countries in 3 tiers for budget optimization. Blujazz estimates thousands of views or click conversions.

      • Spotify - Blujazz will run a FB/IInstagram campaign to push Spotify Streams and Followers. One month campaign cost is for daily budget plus labor. These campaigns can be extended to increase the streams or subscribers if the artist chooses to.

      • Toc Toc - Blujazz utilizes Tic Toc's business add model to increase followers.

      • Events - Blujazz can utilize the above models to promote performance events.

      • Website Views- Blujazz will utilize FB/Iinsta Traffic Adds to increase website views.

  • Google Ads Promotion

    • Blujazz utilizes its Google Ads Account Methodology to create YouTube Ads that will create views of videos and/or subscribers for your YouTube Channel and YouTube Music Channel.  Two ad sets with one used to increase views of a targeted video (last project had 280,000 views). This will also help drive some subscribers. The second ad set would be for on going  ad to  drive actual subscriptions using again the Conversion formula (but in Google Ads)  to increase subscriptions.​

  • Misc.  Promotion 

    • Blujazz internal traditional Promotion will also utilize its own extensive international publicity contact database. Emails and phone calls will be used with the same above one-sheet and digital EPK.

    • Blujazz has a core database of 25,000 plus opt-in contacts internationally and will send out press release blasts an newsletters. Blujazz has a database of 4,500 plus blogs that it solicits internationally, add,to the Blujazz Website Promotion Page​

  • Booking Services

    • Blujazz maintains a small roster of about 10 to 12 artists that it attempts to book in various capacities:

    • Presenting organizations and venues that pay quality monies and treats the artist as an artist

    • Festivals ranging from regional to international

    • Clubs that are high profile and can make an impact on an artist’s career

    • Blujazz will take a 10% fee from performance fees under $1,000 – 15% for performances between $1,000 and $3,000 – 20% for performances over $3,000. 

    • For non-booking roster artists Blujazz can do a booking project for a set fee, no commissions. This would a regional or special request set of gigs. Blujazz could also assist in promoting the project.

  • Consulting Services​

    • Blujazz can consult with an artist on most aspects of their career.   Blujazz can also just have talks on the best direction for an artist to take with the above genres.  If you need to talk just give  us a call, no cost. 

    • We can consult with you on how to use all of the issues like using Sound Exchange, Sound Scan, Syncing, Playlisting, Manufacturing, Performances, Tracking Systems, etc.

  • Distribution

    • We recommend CD Baby or Distro Kid for Physical and/or Digital.  Blujazz can assist in setting up a CD Baby or Distro Kid project. Blujazz can also use it's major account status with Disc Makers to manufacture CDs with a small discount give.

  • Value Added  Services:

    • US and Canada Club LIsts- International Presenter Lists, US Fest Lists - Europe Lists available for purchase.

    • Aritists are added to Blujazz Website artist page, included in news announcements, newsletter, booking announcements, etc.

    • Advertising in major rags at our pace or cooping if an artist has a specific reason.

    • We also can help in design of CD if needed at a remarkable low rate. We have a major label account discount with Disk Makers and you can utilize our account to run your CD thru.

    • Website design and maintenance

  • COSTS:​

    • We can shape costs to fit any Artists budget and scope ranging between $900 to $4,000 with an average of $2500.  Please price out what a quality radio promoter or publicist cost as we know that they are $2000 to $5000 for just radio or just publicity​.

Greg Pasenko - President/Manager Email: Phone:   773-517-8336   Chicago IL

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