An indepenent Artist Managed Label

Blujazz was conceived as a new paradigm for independent jazz and improvisational artists. Created for artists by artists, it addresses the needs and concerns that the current major label and major independent label system cannot.

Blujazz assures artist ownership of his/her own music, publishing and royalties, and artist involvement in all decisions regarding his/her product and career, while providing a professional vehicle through which important artist produced improvised music reaches the international market place.

Blujazz is an artists’ cooperative, organized by touring and improvisational musicians, under the vision of guitarist/ vocalist Greg Pasenko. It offers its artists a distributed record label, promotion to radio and all forms of media, and facilitates booking and touring, while creating a new label paradigm, enabling the artist to maintain ownership of his/her music.

Our artists have achieved national and international recognition through touring, press and extensive radio airplay of their recordings. Blujazz presents a holistic approach to all aspects of a musician’s career, while also attending to the needs of those who present jazz in performance environments, as well as through the media. By contributing the assistance of its promotional arm to any endeavor, Blujazz serves both the artist as well as the presenter of his/her music, creating an optimum atmosphere in which the greatest results for all involved may be facilitated. Blujazz is organized under the principle that pooling the resources of many goes further in accomplishing the goals of the individuals involved, and ultimately the goal of all in the jazz community, to keep the music alive and viable.

We provide services for a fee for artists or labels that are not part of the Blujazz label. These services are the same promotional services that are available to Blujazz artists, and are fee based. These fees are generally discounted below market prices. Blujazz actively promotes its artists through the following areas: Mainstream Jazz Radio Promotion; College Radio Promotion; Press Promotion; Advertising; Club, Concert and Festival Booking; Conference Representation Co op (Education, Booking, etc...); Music Business and Career Consultation/Strategization with the Artist; CD Product Development (Artwork, Design, Pressing Resources); Distribution; Bar Code.

Blujazz also provides private consultations, as well as educational seminars to interested parties on different aspects of the music business.

Blujazz does not require ownership of any of the artist product or royalties, but does expect the artist to consult with Blujazz if the artist uses other resources that may conflict with Blujazz services.

Blujazz has a one CD contract for the complete package: Artists are required to supply Blujazz with CDs for promotion and distribution through the life of the contract. For Artists purchasing individual options, a contract is signed with the agreement for services and times involved.